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Kenapa harus KBI Duropal ?

Quality you can trust.

Duropal GmbH, a member of the Pleiderer Group (based in Arnsberg Germany), has been widely regarded as an expert in thedevelopment and production of decorative high pressure laminate (HPL) since 1958.

With its continuous development in chemical resistance, the surface of Duropal HPL is resistant to contact with most normal chemicals and substances. Cleaning products such as acetone and other substances will not stain the surface.

Moreover, the surface of Duropal HPL is highly resistant to surface abrasion and heat. Duropal HPL is also physiologically safe and suitable for use in rooms where food is stored, handled and consumed (tested to DIN EN 1186/DIN EN 13130).

Beyon its economic success, Pfleiderer AG is committed to approaching people, the environment, and resources in a responsible manner. We view quality, the environment, and safetu as essential elements of our corporate philosophy. That’s why we have defined guidance for these areas that commits us to a proactive approach. As a manufacturer of engineered wood products, surface finishes, and core materials for laminates, we work primarily with a renewable resource. We use wood from sustainable fores for our products.

Compliance with environmentallaws and regulations is second nature for our Company. We also work continuosly on extending and improving environmental protection at our operating facilities.

Pfleiderer is certified.