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So, maybe you should look at other wild fowl in your area that may be attracting the snakes. That said, I also have guineas and they are loud, mean, and really stupid. Since I get about a dozen new chicks to refresh my laying flock every spring, the guineas days may be numbered. Our Guineas try to be friends with our laying hens but the older hens would squawk and carry on if the Guineas dared set foot in their coop. When we got new hens they accepted the Guineas and would follow them around the yard.

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  • The organisation’s work on species and habitat has been integrated into a single Landscape Conservation programme – led by Dr Melissa Howes-Whitecross – to create a more holistic approach that brings together sites and species.
  • The amount of literature they covered over the span of two short months is nothing short of inspiring.
  • Oh, and when she is not chasing year lists, she hikes, runs and plays field hockey.

In a prioritisation, study focusing on threatened bird species in the Northern Cape, it has been determined that more than 60% of the South African range of six of the species falls within that province. And of these six species, three – the Near Threatened Barlow’s and Sclater’s larks and the Vulnerable Red Lark – have South African ranges that are restricted entirely to the Northern Cape. Disturbingly, these three species are also the least represented species within the existing protected area network.

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Featured photos will be selected on quality, showing unique bird behaviour or the rarity of the bird. The team returned home energised, inspired and ready for another year of working to protect South Africa’s important bird habitats. After Mark Anderson, CEO of BirdLife South Africa, had welcomed everyone and given an overview of the organisation, Penny gave a synopsis of the history, structure and activities of the Hawk Conservancy Trust. Based near Andover in Hampshire, the trust is a registered charity dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey. Visitors to its premises can enjoy close encounters with various different raptor species and watch breathtaking flight displays, while the knowledgeable staff talk them through the biology and conservation of the individual species. The trust is also home to the UK’s only raptor hospital and its rehabilitation centre has a release rate of patients of about 50%.

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More recently it has adapted to using electricity pylons and railway infrastructure as hunting perches. Eagles that have tried to hunt from pole-mounted transformer bays have been electrocuted and at least four instances of birds killed in this way have been reported to the Eskom–EWT Strategic Partnership. The camp’s location gave us our first opportunity to study the previously surveyed sites on the cliffs around Mutale Falls and Mutale Bend. Unfortunately, the severe drought that has gripped the northern section of the Greater Kruger National Park has drastically reduced the diversity and abundance of birds and no breeding Black Storks were located.

There were a dozen easels in the room, and as many artists transferring the great picture to their canvases. Fifty proofs of steel engravings and lithographs were scattered around, too. And as usual, I could not help noticing how superior the copies were to the original, that is, to my inexperienced eye.

Targeting the escarpment between the Eastern Free State and KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State–KZN Escarpment SABAP2 subproject was launched in June 2019. It aims to obtain species coverage and distribution data for several threatened and endemic species, such as Yellow-breasted Pipit, Rudd’s and Botha’s larks, Blue, Grey Crowned and Wattled cranes, Denham’s Bustard, Southern Bald Ibis and White-bellied and Blue korhaans. To meet this challenge, the first objective is to get four or more full-protocol cards for each pentad; the second is to submit at least one atlas card for all the pentads at least once a year. From 1 to 4 November 2019, BirdLife South Africa’s Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas Programme hosted an exciting mountain bike adventure at Pafuri in the Kruger National Park. To make the event even more thrilling, Phil Liggett, the renowned ‘voice of cycling’, was welcomed as the guest of honour. Phil has a passion for conservation and he and his wife Trish have been patrons of BirdLife South Africa’s Fast & Featherless team for many years.

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The tray insert has a divider in the middle, which makes it easy to offer different types of food without mixing them. Typically, I put sunflower kernels on one side and peanut pieces on the other. There is no plastic blocking my view of the birds from inside. The only downside I can find is that you have to spend a bit more money since the product is priced high.

They say St. Mark had a tame lion, and used to travel with him–and every where that St. Mark went, the lion was sure to go. And so the Winged Lion of St. Mark, with the open Bible under his paw, is a favorite emblem in the grand old city. It casts its shadow from the most ancient pillar in Venice, in the Grand Square of St. Mark, upon the throngs of free citizens below, and has so done for many a long century. The winged lion is found every where–and doubtless here, where the winged lion is, no harm can come.